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About Us

Parish Councils are a part of local government and exist to serve the local community.  Thelbridge Parish Council occupies 4,006 acres within the Mid Devon District Council’s Sandford and Creedy Ward and, at the 2011 population census, had 337 residents. There are seven Councillors who may claim an allowance and any out of pocket expenses; the Thelbridge Councillors do not claim any allowances.  Elections are held every four years and if there are not enough candidates, councillors may be co-opted.  The Parish Clerk is the only employee and exists to support the Councillors.

The Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected annually by the Parish Councillors at the annual meeting of the Parish Council.  All Parish Council meetings are normally held in the Thelbridge Parish Hall, which is managed by a charity, however during the pandemic restrictions meetings have been held using Zoom.